LEED and Sustainability

Sustainability is the natural translation of ASSA ABLOY’s Corporate Cornerstones: vision, realism, courage, and ethics. These cornerstones have been central to the Group’s development since its creation in 1994. The environment, business ethics, and social responsibility are critical issues and are an integral part of our ASSA ABLOY society. Our unconditional aim is to make sustainability a central part of our business philosophy and culture; and even more importantly, to integrate sustainability into our overall business strategy.


There are many attributes to a sustainable built environment such as daylighting. Daylighting is the process of bringing natural light and direct sunlight into the a building through windows, skylights and interior glass. Exposure to natural light helps improve occupant health, happiness, productivity, and well-being, while decreasing tota lbuilding energy costs by almost a third.


Glass creates openness in a space. In an office environment, openness promotes happiness, creativity, and communication, which are important aspects of good design. In creating a modern atmosphere, glass never looks old or outdated. Being more durable than most materials, glass has longevity that offers an ideally cost-effective solution. Also, glass applications are easily configured, allowing flexibility in any design. At ASSA ABLOY, we believe good design is more than just tangible; good design is imperceptible.