Do we offer patches for 5/8" or 3/4" glass?
No, our current maximun glass thickness for our patch fittings is 9/16".

What is the maximum weight limit for our overhead closers?
OHC-609 max weight is 200lbs. OHC-304 max weight is 300lbs.

What is the maximum weight limit for our bottom rail pivot?
We have a 300lb endload bottom pivot to go with the 300lb overhead closer.

Does our CLH center lock housing / ML mortise latch lock kit come with a strike plate?
The latch kit comes with wall / jamb strike plates. If they have a glass sidelite they need to purchase the CLK keeper.

Does our CLH center lock housing accommodate 3/4" thick glass?
Not currently but it is in the works.

Do we have a glass configurator which the customer can use for estimating?
Yes, a Product Configurator has been created. Contact Melissa Thompson with questions. 

What is a WBP?
Walking Beam Pivot - PV-WALKBEAM.

What is an OHC?
Overhead Closer - OHC-609 / OHC-304.

Can the PDU8000 go on a metal door?
No, PDU8500 would be used on storefront door applications. See Rockwood Architectural Catalog for more information. 

What are the lead times on Glass Solutions products?
3-5 days for stock items, 7 days for anodized, 10 days for panic devices. Large orders will need to be evaluated.

Does the OHC-609 come with a cover plate?
No, we sell headers to house the closers which will have a cover plate built in.

What thickness glass can our rails accommodate?
2 3/4" square takes up to 1/2" glass. 2 3/4" tapered takes up to 5/8" glass. 4" square and 4" tapered take up to 3/4" glass. 6" square & 10" square takes up to 3/4" glass.

What is the maximum size doors we warrant our hardware for?
We follow the recommended sizes set forth in GANA.

What is the maximum degree of swing for the 609 & 304 overhead closers?
105 degrees.

What is the maximum degree of swing for the 6280 & 6275 floor closers?
175 degrees for the 6280 and 180 degrees for the 6275.

Which u-channels accept 3/4" glass?
UWD-1000X1250 and UWD-2000x1250 accept 5/8"-3/4" glass.

Do u-channels come with gasketing?
Our UCD channels come with pre-fit gasket included. UWD channels do not come with gasketing. Gasketing will need to be ordered seperately in 100' rolls.

What strikes come with our CLK-ESK?
HES1600 strike.

Can a panic device be ordered without a strike? 
No, every panic must leave the factory with an ESK or MSK strike to be certified.

Does Glass Solutions carry vertical stiles?
Yes, part number DRVS.