Solid 1-3/4" x 4" Glass Jamb Tube (HDSJ-1750x4000)

  • Solid jambs provide intermediate vertical framing with head and sill mounting brackets
  • Mounting brackets can be pre-fabricated into the jamb tubes or sent separate for field flexibility
  • Cladded jambs will have bent corners and hemmed meeting points for safety
  • Solid jambs can be fabricated for locking device strikes
  • Vinyl gasketing supplied for all sidelite pockets and slots
  • Solid tubes can provide anchoring structure for intermediate headers when the opening is too tall for recommended door heights


Header and Angle Stop Types

Overhead Closer Header

Overhead Closer Header

Pivot Header

Pivot Header

Sidelite HeaderSidelite Header Floating HeaderFloating Header


DS-3000 Single Acting Door StopDS-3000

DS-6000 Double Acting Door StopDS-6000




Clear Anodized Aluminum 28 628
314 Equivalent Powder Coat 314E n/a
Bright Stainless Steel 32 629
Satin Stainless Steel 32D 630
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent 10BE 613E
Black Suede Powder Coat BSP n/a
White Suede Powder Coat WSP n/a
Translucent Brass Powder Coat 4E n/a

*Powder Coats Available

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