Solid 1-3/4" x 4-1/2" Glass Header (HDS-1750x4500)

  • Solid tube headers fabricated for complex hardware applications
  • Floating headers available
  • All hardware mounting brackets and clips come pre-installed
  • All headers prepped by machining centers
  • Vinyl gasketing for all sidelite applications
  • No additional charge for non-standard lengths


Header and Angle Stop Types

Overhead Closer Header

Overhead Closer Header

Pivot Header

Pivot Header

Sidelite HeaderSidelite Header Floating HeaderFloating Header


DS-3000 Single Acting Door StopDS-3000 DS-6000 Double Acting Door StopDS-6000




Clear Anodized Aluminum 28 628
Extra Dark Anodized Aluminum 314 n/a
Bright Stainless Steel 32 629
Satin Stainless Steel 32D 630

Translucent Brass Powder Coat 4E n/a

*Powder Coats Available

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