Wave Your Way Through

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Contact-free doors are becoming essential in today’s landscape. Healthcare facilities, office buildings, convention centers, and other public spaces are a breeding ground for germs. The less we touch, the less likely we are to transfer germs from person-to-person.

With a hands-free door opening, you can keep your hands clean from entrance to exit. ASSA ABLOY Glass Solutions combines products from leading door hardware brands including HES and Norton to keep glass doors secure, beautiful, and touchless.

ASSA ABLOY PDU8000 Glass Panic Device

This all glass panic device combines safety, elegance and convenience.

  • Top latching panic device with easy align security latch
  • Engraved latch lines ensure proper engagement with strike
  • Post mount design matches Rockwood architectural pulls
  • Keyed and non-keyed options
  • Six standard exterior pull options
  • Dogging feature
  • Engraved push area and boundary grooves allow for enhanced visibility and tactility
ASSA ABLOY PDU8000 Glass Panic Device

HES Folger Adam 310-1 (3/4) Single or Double Electric Strike

This industrial grade electric strike is designed specifically for use in glass door applications with addition of a strike plate. The stainless steel construction makes it ideal for strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Tamper-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Fail Safe/Fail Secure
  • 3/4" keeper depth
  • Non-handed
  • Plug-in connector
  • Single or double configurations
HES Single Electric Strike
HES Double Electric Strike

Norton 5710 Low Energy Power Operator

This operator installs in minutes rather than hours and consists of three basic components: inverter, motor and door closer body.

  • Pull side mounting unit
  • Operates as mechanical surface closer during closing cycles, when door is opened manually, or if power is turned off
  • Easy-to-install and set up
  • Non-handed
  • Obstruction detection (open)
  • Unit activation options include wall switches, motion sensors & radio frequency device
  • External On/Off switch
  • Features NORTON 1601 Series Door Closer
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • Adjustable hold-open: 0 to 30 seconds
Norton 5710 Low Energy Operator

Norton Wave-to-Open Switches

  • Sensor in wave-to-open switch detects motion and opens door without touching hardware and transferring germs
  • No additional power supply needed for accessories - Operator powers both wave-to-open switch and electric strike
    • Precision sensor ensures door is opened only when intended when movement is detected within 0" to 4" of the wave-to-open switch
    • Wave-to-open switch can be set to hold door open anywhere between 0 and 30 seconds 
Norton 700 Wave to Open Switch